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HEADLINE: Employees find out they have to work late.


The Wall of Adventure is growing. #work #travel #tv #production #fun #adventure


Filming in Savannah with a stellar team.


Pretty sure this is one of those Star Wars robot animal thingies. (Taken with Instagram)


Nature! (Taken with instagram)

So much wildlife when you leave the city on a shoot!


The Next Food Network Star: Me

For real guys - celebrity me.

Also… pardon me as I freak out that I was on Food Network

ok done.

Celebrity Apprentice: Me

And I finally made it to NBC. 

This means I am famous. 

Autographs available. 

I am changing my cell phone number and my assistant will start running my tumblr.

Thank you NBC for making me the most famous of ever.


Sing-Off Preview!!!

Get ready for the Deltones’ TV premiere on September 26th on NBC!  Also - if you are still a student and are tracking the right tags on tumblr, audition for them!!

captain-eats: Which tv show (regardless of the quality of the actual show itself) has the best theme song, in your opinion ??

I have been sitting here pondering this question ALL DAY and I am racking my brain trying to decide which hip and cool TV show - sounds weird when you switch the order of cool and hip don’t ya think? - I was going to use as my answer. BUT each time I get even a glimmer of an answer (see Heroes, LOST, Mad Men, Modern Family, Barefoot Contessa -  actual…etc) the ever popular Uncle Jesse and oh-so innocent Danny Tanner push there way into my head and start singing: “Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman the paperboy…" you get the point -  HOWEVER, this is essentially the same song as Family Matters. " It’s a rare condition, this day and age to hear any good news on the newspaper page…” SO, There exists a tie. It’s a Battle to the Death between Family Matters and Full House. Either way, we all walk away happy quoting pre-drugged out twins and hipster nerds who always wanted some cheese. 


TV writers and producers have thousands of ideas floating around their minds on a daily basis; creating an environment of infinite possibility that directly affects the entertainment that fills the homes of audiences across the globe. Ideas travelling from the brain, through the nervous system, out of the hand and onto paper. Thousands of new, creative, funny and smart ideas that could change the face of television AND the human race, scattered across desks and laptop hardrives EVERYWHERE.

So please forgive me while I laugh when the same TV show is created over and over again. 


*also, I am about 12 years too late with this epiphany. ha