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I have been watching the effect of music on the customers of this “nationally known coffee chain” for the past few hours and I have come to the conclusion that people are generally happier when The Beatles are playing.

Let me explain. I have heard at least 31 people singing along to the Beatles albums since 10 am this morning AND You should see their smiles. Let me preface this statement by telling you that is is a dreary, cloudy, NY day and most people have the ever-popular “I mean Business" look on their face when they are walking into the store. You know exactly the look I am talking about. BUT as they enter the Beatles filled atmosphere, most of these fans shed their frowns and succumb to the urge to throw in a foot shuffle or hip shake to accompany their unexpected verbal portrayal of happiness: singing along.

The other albums that have played during the day have succesfully kept people satisfied - engulfed little caffeinated worker bees. BUT as soon as The Beatles begin, their eyes un-glaze and the imaginary chains are thrown from their bodies.

I’m amazed. 

Just got a free coffee

It’s the little things I tell ya.