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The Muppets - Smells like Teen Spirit




Thank you EVERYONE for all of the support you’ve given to me and to the Deltones these past few weeks for “The Sing-Off.” We had an incredible time on the show and despite its competitive nature, we made a lot of unforgettable friends and learned many, oh sooo many lessons.

Though I’m back…


Peter Hollens - Cover of Katy Perry’s Firework.

yes please


Sing-Off Preview!!!

Get ready for the Deltones’ TV premiere on September 26th on NBC!  Also - if you are still a student and are tracking the right tags on tumblr, audition for them!!


Happy Monday interweb! 6 inches of snow and I feel great. It was one of those mornings where you wake up with a ray of sunshine warming your face, the neighborhood birds singing to you, and nothing but smiles ready to carry you through the day. Long day of video editing ahead, and I am ready to rock this out.


Beautiful - orig performed by Bethany Dillon

Jenny Somers University of Delaware Deltones


Many the Miles - Orig Perf by Sara Bareilles

Morgan Nichols from the University of Delaware Deltones


Feels Like Home orig performed Chantal Kreviazuk

Jess Carvo University of Delaware Deltones


It’s time for your daily dose of Deltones! This time we are traveling to the 2008 Spring Concert.

I know I have posted this before, but Beth really makes my heart flutter each time I hear this song. Beth successfully translated a song most would never touch and at the same time communicated her own intensity and love during this performance. This was her senior song and would be her last solo performance with The Deltones. The story she told on stage was beautiful and she successfully evoked  a rather large emotional response from most of the audience. Beth’s vocals, Avi’s arrangement and the Deltones background truly married to form one of the best a cappella songs I have heard. Please enjoy Jeff Buckley’s Last Goodbye with Soloist Beth Cohn.

I freaking love you, Flounder. This song has always meant so much to me since the first time I heard it and I’m so glad that all the things I feel about it are evident in my performance. Seriously, intense.

P.S. Note the newest comment: “è la donna della mia vita..” The woman of his LIFE. WHAT. International fan, hell yeah!


Hope for me Yet orig performed by Marc Broussard

AJ Melendez University of Delaware Deltones


My boy A Jeezy Fresh (AJ Melendez) is auditioning in front of the judges for American Idol this season.


1) He’s fucking amazing.

2) “Some people like music, AJ Melendez loves music.”


American Soldier - orig perf Toby Keith

Lou Ortiz University of Delaware Deltones

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The Deltones Concert is this weekend! In Honor I will be posting a bunch of videos and MP3’s today!

One of my favorite songs from The Deltones. Jillian Scambia rocks this freaking song out. Enjoy! Me and my Gang: Rascal Flatts from Spring Concert 2007.



I don’t know if I just missed this the first time around, but it is HILARIOUS!!!  Seriously!  And they sing it A Cappella!  Not a Gaga fan, but this was impressive.

kieth, I found your senior song… you’re welcome