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To all the rocker fans out there - only have a few minutes and want to watch Helter Skelter?

Wish granted!

Amanda Catrini - The Chef Girl Rocker performs The Beatles: Helter Skelter from her pilot episode.

Helter Skelter written by: Lennon/McCartney

For more information on Chef Girl Rocker check out or

Episode 2 premieres November 15th 2012

A Cappella CD Needed

To all those a cappella fans out there - I am looking for a new album to become obsessed with. It can be collegiate, semi-pro, pro, or highschool - the sky is the limit.

I’ve been jamming to NYU N’Harmonics, JMU Bluestones, Tufts Amalgamates, Upenn Off The Beat, BC Acoustics, Penn Masala, The Scattertones and the Backbeats. Let’s broaden my a cappella horizons.

Who has suggestions?


My collegiate a cappella group on the Sing-Off. Oh hello friends on TV!


You Can’t Hurry Love - Diana Ross & The Supremes (As performed by the Deltones on The Sing-Off!)

Arranged by Avi Amon

Way to go, Jess! This was such a fun episode.  I remember it being a really stressful week while filming (which was, of course, over-dramatized on TV), BUT I think the two-song challenge was great. 

Also.  Shawn Stockman said my name.



Oh hello, The Deltones.

You are my best friends and you are on TV. 

I used to be inside of you.

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    Pet the Panda
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University of Delaware Deltones : City as performed by Sara Bareilles.
From the album Pet the Panda 

Soloist: Cortney Penta
Arranged by: Keith Abarahamson (

Keith recorded and mixed this entire CD in his own bedroom and has successfuly produced the best Deltones CD yet. His skills are immeasurable and we are all grateful for his hard work. I am particularly proud of the great sound that the group continues to get without conforming to the severely over-produced sound that most groups are leaning toward these days. You can tell that people are singing on this track and not a robotic auto-tuned choir.

Plus Cortney’s voice just kills me every time. She sings this song as if she wrote the lyrics herself. I think it is rare to find a performer that can sing with such style, inflection and conviction.  She tells a powerful story when she sings this song - can we say goosebumps - and I could listen to this track on repeat for days. 

Congrats Deltones. DFTG

Deltones A Cappella on film

This is the full length movie that I just finished. A 20 year anniversary documentary about the coed a cappella group: The Deltones at the University of Delaware.

Music suggestion?

So, I am at the UD REP Boxoffice until 11pm tonight? Good news is that I get to Jam out to whatever music I want. So, What should I listen to?


That’s What You Get- orig perf Paramore

Cortney Penta : University of Delaware Deltones

fav part: 3:15 


Abbey Road Beatles Medley Amanda Catrini

Golden Slumbers

Carry that Weight

The End

University of Delaware Deltones


American Soldier - orig perf Toby Keith

Lou Ortiz University of Delaware Deltones


GPOYW: Awkward Highschool pictures version.

Ummm, is this really me?

Guaranteed, I was that obnoxious, loud, high school clown annoying anyone over the age of 17.

What I would give for some stylish lederhosen right about now.


Over the last 20 years our family has grown exponentially and yet we all remain friends first - singers second. This weekend we will celebrate all that makes us The Deltones.