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I thought the fact that seeing Sara Bareilles in Central Park was good enough to satisfy my palette for tonight; but then these suckers appeared from Heaven. Talk about eating with your eyes and having a mouth-gasm. 

From left to right:

MASH: Spicy ketchup + jalapeno + mustard + crushed salt and pepper potato chips 

SIDNEY: Thai Style relish with mango + cucumber + red onion + cilantro + crushed peanuts and fish sauce. 

WANGDING: Chinese BBQ pork belly + onions

MEL & STEVE: Asian sesame slaw.

Thank you AsiaDog. Megacool.


Sing-Off Preview!!!

Get ready for the Deltones’ TV premiere on September 26th on NBC!  Also - if you are still a student and are tracking the right tags on tumblr, audition for them!!


University of Delaware Deltones to perform on NBC’s the Sing-Off Season 3.

I am beyond Proud. Go Hens!


listen here

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    Pet the Panda
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University of Delaware Deltones : City as performed by Sara Bareilles.
From the album Pet the Panda 

Soloist: Cortney Penta
Arranged by: Keith Abarahamson (

Keith recorded and mixed this entire CD in his own bedroom and has successfuly produced the best Deltones CD yet. His skills are immeasurable and we are all grateful for his hard work. I am particularly proud of the great sound that the group continues to get without conforming to the severely over-produced sound that most groups are leaning toward these days. You can tell that people are singing on this track and not a robotic auto-tuned choir.

Plus Cortney’s voice just kills me every time. She sings this song as if she wrote the lyrics herself. I think it is rare to find a performer that can sing with such style, inflection and conviction.  She tells a powerful story when she sings this song - can we say goosebumps - and I could listen to this track on repeat for days. 

Congrats Deltones. DFTG