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To all the rocker fans out there - only have a few minutes and want to watch Helter Skelter?

Wish granted!

Amanda Catrini - The Chef Girl Rocker performs The Beatles: Helter Skelter from her pilot episode.

Helter Skelter written by: Lennon/McCartney

For more information on Chef Girl Rocker check out or

Episode 2 premieres November 15th 2012


Check out the latest project that I am working on. Chef Girl Rocker. Imagine the Beatles had a love child with your favorite food network star. Yup.

Working with this team of artists, musicians, chefs, and producers has been inspiring and more importantly, seriously fun.

I am very proud of Amanda and the team! 

Currently editing some of the footage - standby for some more treats from the weekend.


This past weekend was an exercise in rocktagiousness.

and we WON.

6 talented dudes and myself trekked up to pleasant valley, ny… to the land of cows, waterfalls, and my delightful parents. We were on a 2 day mission to make three music videos, record four songs, and have an ample amount…