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NYC sunset. Amazing.


Mat and Whit.

As our adventure across Idaho unfolded, the sun slowly melted into the nooks of the horizon - gifting us with ample time to enjoy the timeless warmth of the Golden Hour.


Took a walk in the Flatiron district and ran into these beauties.

Until recently, the coffee cup was singularly a container for hot liquid, but as I adventure the streets of New York, it has become the quintessential way of grabbing free wifi in a warm place.

The coffee cup: a way to transport hot liquid, a canvas, and key to the interwebs.

Gwyneth Leech
Hypergraphia: The Cup Drawings Studio in the Prow

My drawing surface of choice since 2007 is the cardboard coffee cup. The slightly off-white, matte surface of a sturdy unadorned cardboard cup is a wonder and delight. It takes beautifully the jet-black and the earthy colors of the Faber and Castell India ink brush pens that I favor.

I save the cups from the hot drinks I buy and occasionally collect them from other artists with whom I meet for tea or coffee around town. I wash and dry them and record on the bottom the date, place and occasion, as well as the drink that was consumed, thus capturing the social moment just passed.”  - Gwyneth Leech


Good Morning/Afternoon errrrrrybody



Live Your Dreams

by JoeySee

Joey: Changing the world one photo at a time.

Also : Nate is a model.


Easter family portrait. Please note that i am at least 6 feet taller than everyone else. I am a better human. 


Help find the owner of this 35mm film taken in NYC during this years blizzard. Take a minute to watch and do what you can to help.



This is great.

Internet, you know what to do.


Take me there now please



Umbria, Italy

by fotomassio