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An appreciated quiet moment at Grand Central Station. #nyc #mta #metronorth #hudson #grandcentral


Bringing Tie Tuesdays back.

You’re welcome MTV!


Off to the farm we go @aviamon #train #nyc #farm #upstate


Built a new bed with @aviamon a few weeks back. Starting to make my new apartment feel like home. #decor #furnish #design #brooklyn #nyc #handyman

Big guy needs fashion help

I was lying on my new, very firm bed when I realized that things needed to change. I quickly sat up and like the glorious start of movie montage, I exclaimed: " I NEED TO DRESS BETTER! "  A decision was made. The soundtrack swelled. I gathered myself and fast forward through freeze framed high fives and a NYC shopping spree to reveal a shiny brand-new ME!. HOORAY!!! Except, that just isn’t reality for me or for many big guys. So here I stand, at the check-out counter at the local Kmart purchasing a pair of ill fitting Basic Edition cargo shorts at 11.99 a pair. Fuck. Finding clothes that properly fit, are reasonably priced. and are semi hip has proven to be a challenge for me. 

Too big for regular retail stores. Too small for the plus sized stores. So, this is my official cry for help. CALLING ALL BIG GUYS WITH FASHION SENSE. I need you to give me some advice on where you find your amazing pieces, where I can get myself styled up, and should i find a tailor that will be altering all my clothes from now on.
I need a fashion mentor. 

It’s too hot in my brother’s apartment in Washington Heights. A tangible, unrelenting hot breath that squeezes any sort of productivity right out of your skin. Leaving you feeling like a stained, smelly, used sponge. 

THUSLY, I am taking refuge at the office, in a sea of iced tea - editing a new Episode of Chef Girl Rocker.

Here are a few screen shots from the next music video that will premiere on August 1st! I am very excited with how this video is turning out! Thank you Joey Cardella for the great video work.

Chef Girl Rocker and The Ingredients


Had the honor of directing and editing Amanda Catrini’s latest episode of Chef Girl Rocker. You should check it out. She tells a tale of two bread puddings and then frolics in the woods as she covers David Bowie’s Wild is the Wind - you may learn something.

Episode 5 - A Tale of Two Bread Puddings

Today I make the trip to Goodwill

After throwing my whole NY life into these boxes; twelve neatly organized packages that smell a bit like pencil shavings on late June school day; I have a decision to make. Do I keep all these DVDs or do I bring them to Goodwill and let the universe decided what to do with them?


I cannot believe it is June already. I will be spending this month taking down all these wonderful parts of my life and neatly packing them away while I search for a new place to live in Brooklyn. It feels like I just did this!

Who has an amazing place for me to live?


After collecting all of my things out of storage, I began to redesign my bedroom. The addition of the stripes on the wall not only have made this small brooklyn bedroom look a lot bigger, but have also given it a balance that makes the room feel peaceful. It is a great contrast to all the rusted lanterns, ropes, reclaimed wood shelves, rocks, and vintage items hanging over the desk across from the bed. Plus, I bought sample sized paint, so the project only cost $11. Come on now.


Beautiful day! #nyc #newyork #wtc #freedomtower #skyline

We NEED an Apartment!!!!

Dear Brooklyn - 

Hi. We want to be in you. 

Don’t read into that too deeply - we just want you to know how much we enjoy being in your presence and now we would like to make it a full time thing. 

My name is Joey and my amigo, Chris, goes by the alias, Flounder. 

The giant fish and I have been friends for a decade, going back to our first encounter during our time at the University of Delaware. It was here that we reveled in our shared love for jugs of wine and backyard fires, home cooked meals, spontaneous parties, miscellaneous adventures, road trips and camping. 

Since then we have grown to work together on numerous creative projects, and found we have ended up in the NYC area. I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer who now does consistent photography and video work in and around the city. Flounder is a bad-ass video editor who also works in production for commercials. He is also an amazing chef and loves to cook for others. I’m jus say’n.

The two of us are social creatures and enjoy expanding our friend network and meeting as many new people as possible, so we do like to entertain and have some fun get togethers when not working our asses off.

We are looking for a place to live that has an abundance of natural light, high ceilings, and space enough to spread our arms without hitting the walls. Loft space or live/work space has fit our needs in the past, and so we’re hoping to find something similar this time around.

November 1st would be an ideal move date for us, but we are slightly flexible. We are trying to keep our rent around $1200 per person.

If you think you and your apartment would benefit from the addition of two hard working, stand-up gentlemen with a passion for all things new, creative and fun… you are in luck!

There is a town about 2 miles that way. . …

But seriously. Dumb and Dumber references aside, we would love to meet with you and see if we could be your new roommates. 

And if you are not looking for roommates but have some apartments that might fit what we need, that would be great too. 

Drop us a line at


Hope to hear from you soon.

-Joey and Flounder 


After the copious amounts of rain Brooklyn had over the last few days, my tomato plants have swollen with the “late afternoon golden light” tastes of summer and are READY FOR THE EATIN’! Since it has been unusually dry this summer, the tomatoes are “candy” sweet (higher concentration of sugars) and after being quenched by the rain, have become mouth-watering! I don’t know if there is anything better than biting into an heirloom fresh out of the garden. Who says you can’t find a little country in NYC?


Pretty sure this is one of those Star Wars robot animal thingies. (Taken with Instagram)


Sunset #nyc (Taken with Instagram)