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Come celebrate the Harvest Season with us at IDAHO BASE CAMP.


Had the honor of directing and editing Amanda Catrini’s latest episode of Chef Girl Rocker. You should check it out. She tells a tale of two bread puddings and then frolics in the woods as she covers David Bowie’s Wild is the Wind - you may learn something.

Episode 5 - A Tale of Two Bread Puddings


To all the rocker fans out there - only have a few minutes and want to watch Helter Skelter?

Wish granted!

Amanda Catrini - The Chef Girl Rocker performs The Beatles: Helter Skelter from her pilot episode.

Helter Skelter written by: Lennon/McCartney

For more information on Chef Girl Rocker check out or

Episode 2 premieres November 15th 2012


Take a gander at Number One Friend Production’s latest project: Chef Girl Rocker.

Chef Amanda Catrini is about to take you on a tasty journey filled with delectable recipes, incredible stories and ROCK-N-ROLL.

So grab a bev and a snack and be prepared to have your palate ROCKED!

Series Premiere October 15th only at


I am very proud to be a member of this team! AND I cannot wait for MONDAY!

Tapa Wapa
Tapas bars are quite the popular date-night/girls-night destination these days. A dimly lit, romantic atmosphere with a plethora of classy snacks and fancy booze to choose from. However, the aforementioned snacks and booze can get a little pricey when you have a big appetite (or a high tolerance.) Chef Girl Rocker concepto nuevo: recreate some Spanish-influenced fun in the comfort of your own apartment!!
Light a couple candles, download some sexy muzak, and create a delectable spread with the help of your local grocer. 
In this picture (taken by my favorite food photographer, Andrea Patton), I laid out some typical tapas munchies… thinly sliced serrano ham, aged manchego cheese, crusty baguette, roasted almonds, and an assortment of colorful, briny olives. 
And to imbibe in? Homemade sangria of course! 

Chef Girl Rocker’s Easiest Sangria Recipe on the Planet Earth

- 1 bottle dry red wine (I chose a supremely low-priced yet perfectly palatable merlot)
- 1 Liter Ginger Ale (Yup. The kind you drink when you have a tummy-ache.) 
- Orange Slices
- Apple Slices
- Blackberries
- Ice
Combine. Stir. Drink. Repeat as needed. 

Feastival 2012

Just finished the Feastival 2012 Poster!

Mega excited to end the “Summer of Sacrifice” with a month-long vacation in Idaho. Wanna go?



We are halfway through summer and the first of many projects that I have been involved with JUST RELEASED! I had the privilege of witnessing the creation of NYC based singer/songwriter Jessica Carvo's first EP Projection. You probably recognize her as the face of The University of Delaware Deltones during Season 3 of NBC’s The Singoff as well as a member of the Italian American Quintet Bell’Aria.

Jess has given us a glimpse into the process of making Projection and very graciously allowed me (with the help of videographer’s Asha Glorioso and Joey Cardella) to edit her journey as she prepared for the release of her new EP.

I am very proud of Jess and look forward to hearing more from her as the summer goes on. 

Jessica’s EP: Projection was released on itunes today!

Be sure to like her on Facebook

and check out for more info


Timberstock! Farm living…Rock and Roll… and Beer


This past weekend I celebrated peace, love, and debauchery at my family’s annual mini music festival, Timberstock. For the past five years my family, along with our best friends the Zee’s, have combined forces to create a weekend of madness up on our farm.

Friends from all corners of…


Check out the latest project that I am working on. Chef Girl Rocker. Imagine the Beatles had a love child with your favorite food network star. Yup.

Working with this team of artists, musicians, chefs, and producers has been inspiring and more importantly, seriously fun.

I am very proud of Amanda and the team! 

Currently editing some of the footage - standby for some more treats from the weekend.


This past weekend was an exercise in rocktagiousness.

and we WON.

6 talented dudes and myself trekked up to pleasant valley, ny… to the land of cows, waterfalls, and my delightful parents. We were on a 2 day mission to make three music videos, record four songs, and have an ample amount…

A Cappella CD Needed

To all those a cappella fans out there - I am looking for a new album to become obsessed with. It can be collegiate, semi-pro, pro, or highschool - the sky is the limit.

I’ve been jamming to NYU N’Harmonics, JMU Bluestones, Tufts Amalgamates, Upenn Off The Beat, BC Acoustics, Penn Masala, The Scattertones and the Backbeats. Let’s broaden my a cappella horizons.

Who has suggestions?

Jenny and Tyler music for charity

My friends @jennyandtyler are #5 on iTunes s/s charts! -

Please download their cover of The Sound of Silence: all proceeds go to #fighthumantrafficking
Please share/reblog and let’s get them to #1 on Itunes.

All proceeds from the sale of this single 
benefit organizations that fight human trafficking.

One such organization is International Justice Mission.

IJM is a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. Find out more at

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty gutsy to say “let’s cover a Simon & Garfunkl cover.” But I’ll hand it to them… Jenny & Tyler pulled it. Really nicely at that. The dynamics are beautiful, the unique acapella-choir-style background vocals and clarinet were a neat touch as well.  -Joel

I showed this song to my dad and brother (who happen to be huge simon & garfunkel fans) and they loved it! This song is literally like poetry, and you guys made it sound so musical, beautiful, and unique. I replay this song so much, and I’ve been counting down the days until you would release it! God bless :)

This is a beautiful cover that somehow stays true to the original and still takes on the characteristics of Jenny &Tyler’s own sonic identity. This version is both haunting and hopeful and I’m sure S&G would approve themselves. Really, really well done. - Joey

Filming for NYC singer/songwriter Jessica Carvo’s EPK.

Beautiful day, beautiful music.


2011 Extended Video Reel

Christopher A. Peters - editor/graphic designer

* Higher Ground - - Editor

* Deltones: The Documentary - - Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor

*Project Unify - - Videographer - Editor

*Higher Ground (HG) is a nationally recognized veteran rehabilitation program that combines sports, family and coping therapies to restore and rehabilitate men and women of the armed forces who have been severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

*The University of Delaware Deltones was founded in 1991 by a group of five University of Delaware students affectionately known as “the origitones.” The group members pride themselves on their smooth tunes and their motto - friends first, singers second - a motto they have lived by for 20 years. They focus their energy towards singing on campus and in the Delaware community, as it is important for them to give back to those who support them. The group consists of five current UD students, seven recent graduates and three recent “alumnitones.”

*Special Olympics Project UNIFY is a national project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of Project UNIFY is to activate youth around the country in an effort to develop school communities where all young people are agents of change — fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities by utilizing the programs and initiatives of Special Olympics.

Currently driving through the Arizona desert with the windows down - blasting Phoenix 1901.

Feels like i’m flying. Try it sometime.



Thank you EVERYONE for all of the support you’ve given to me and to the Deltones these past few weeks for “The Sing-Off.” We had an incredible time on the show and despite its competitive nature, we made a lot of unforgettable friends and learned many, oh sooo many lessons.

Though I’m back…