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Grammar mistakes with a degree

For the first time in my adult life, I used the word "you’re" incorrectly. I was supposed to say your. Usually I mess up the other way around (and i do it a lot when typing). I am super conscious about spelling it correctly ever since my friend (and word wizard) Kate Butler started stabbing bitches in the jugular for making grammatical mistakes; especially, the your vs. you’re phenomenon. (You should see what she does if you choose the wrong rhetorical mode for you’re your prose. (shout out Avi and Allie)).

I feel kinda funny about making the mistake: shameful, just shameful flounder. Next week, maybe i’ll learn how to use punctuation. 

Anyway, this reminded me of a post on Hyperbole and a Half about grammar mistakes. If you need a quick laugh, read up!

Ima go sit in a corner and stare at my college diploma.

Anyone else prone to making grammar mistakes, or am I the only clown?