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New Character by joeysee


Check out the latest project that I am working on. Chef Girl Rocker. Imagine the Beatles had a love child with your favorite food network star. Yup.

Working with this team of artists, musicians, chefs, and producers has been inspiring and more importantly, seriously fun.

I am very proud of Amanda and the team! 

Currently editing some of the footage - standby for some more treats from the weekend.


This past weekend was an exercise in rocktagiousness.

and we WON.

6 talented dudes and myself trekked up to pleasant valley, ny… to the land of cows, waterfalls, and my delightful parents. We were on a 2 day mission to make three music videos, record four songs, and have an ample amount…


GPOYW - Hobbit Edition

Long trek through middle earth with my fancy orange backpack. 

This is Tolkein awesome.

photo by JoeySee

That’s me!!!
Caption Contest Anyone?
GIF courtesy of JoeySee

That’s me!!!

Caption Contest Anyone?

GIF courtesy of JoeySee



Idaho BaseCamp at nite.

Oh, and also the Milky Way.

by JoeySee


I’m headed to Sun Valley Idaho to heal for the next few weeks. Time to enjoy the best organic food and bask in the autumn sun. Life is good.



Jay and Beth Vasil’s Wedding

I was very blessed to have been a part of Beth and Jay’s wedding day! I have known Beth for several years through my collegiate a cappella group - The Deltones - and was honored to celebrate her marriage to Jay this past May.

It was a pleasure to piece together this wonderful day for Beth and I wish her and Jay all the happiness in the world. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with the talented Joey Cardella ( on this shoot. He is beyond amazing and I love watching his magic happen - literally - he is a magician.



Sometimes you just need to play and then have a good laugh.

photo by: Joeysee


This is offensive.

Offensively AWESOME!!!!!


Wrapped in Light

by JoeySee


Joey Cardella is a super talented photographer in the NY area. Take a minute to give your eyes a gift and see his work.


Eye Loved You Once


Joey Cardella of


Photographer. Writographer. Friend. Family.

World’s Best Beard


Check out for more awesomeness….

I love this… I had the best time that weekend.


Just a little Mustache Rag amongst friends.


Moustache Photoshoot 1.1.11

charlottesville virginia





Hipster Shark Week.