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Any decent internet in NYC?

I have been struggling with decent internet (shaky downloads. skipping videos, itunes partial downloads, and miserable upload speeds) in NYC for a while now.

Today, after several failed attempts at uploading a relatively small file to youtube, I finally broke.

It took every ounce of humanity to stop myself from throwing the modem across the room. My face is red. Im embarrassed at how frustrated I am. 

I have since ventured to a local cafe, a vietnamese sandwich shop and another cafe to upload this damn file. All have failed as these public wifi spots reset the modem every hour or so.

I feel like it is 1994 and I am patiently waiting for the AOL page to load from the dial-up modem. Delaware doesn’t have this problem. Comcast upload speeds are splendid. Thusly, Delaware > NYC. Can we allow this to happen NYC?

So, in a desperate attempt for an answer, I am begging for help. Can anyone recommend an internet service provider or a location in NYC where the upload limit is decent?

For all the techies out there, I have tried multiple PC’s/MAC’s in several people’s homes and I get the same result. 

I need to get these files to a client. It’s 2012 afterall, let’s get our sh@t together.

Any suggestions NY?

EDIT: I have given up on any hope for this evenings technology journey - I am shifting gears and diving into a culinary adventure. Challenge: to make better Banana Pudding than Magnolia Bakery


Facebook is so uncultured.

how can i be expected to be an effective time manager when there is so much interweb today?

Check out this website and get those creative juices flowing

Moodstream is a hypnotic website brought to you by the folks at Getty Images that offers a brainstorming tool designed to help get your creative juices flowing. By simply tweaking the mood sliders you can adjust a stream of images, footage, & audio that can help inspire your creative direction.

Truth. But there would be an epic battle betwen Overlord Watson and Overlord Lady Roach. I would purchase that battle on Pay-Per-View. oops I mean the interweb.

And YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I am peeing myself

Your name is Chris… no wait, it’s Flounder

Do you remember when you had AOL dial up?

I do.

My screen name was Glen7.  makes sense

What was your first screen name?


After seeing this video, I am now committed to “tap into the power" and use "the net" (also a great Sandra Bullock film). I’m such a technogeek with a spreadsheet.

Thanks to Mom’s on the Net, I feel liberated and I surf the net for everything. I have so much time now. Thanks MOTN!