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Painted this beauty in the #octopus #garden at Idaho Base Camp in prep for our Abbey Road sing-a-long. #ibc #beatles #idaho #feastival #sea #paint


After the copious amounts of rain Brooklyn had over the last few days, my tomato plants have swollen with the “late afternoon golden light” tastes of summer and are READY FOR THE EATIN’! Since it has been unusually dry this summer, the tomatoes are “candy” sweet (higher concentration of sugars) and after being quenched by the rain, have become mouth-watering! I don’t know if there is anything better than biting into an heirloom fresh out of the garden. Who says you can’t find a little country in NYC?


Blueberry Harvest

I’m slowly finding that the hardest part of living in NYC is not having access to my own personal garden to take care of at the end of each day. I can deal with Times Square tourists. I can deal with the garbage smell. I can even deal with the stuffy subways, but I really miss my backyard garden in Delaware. I have been nomadic for so long that I am sure my own house plants don’t even recognize me anymore. This is sad. I need a permanent home.

Luckily, a few weekends ago, Joey and I took a quick trip to his parents house and began the BLUEBERRY HARVEST! These swollen sapphires were BURSTING with flavor and the bushes seemed to have an endless supply of treasure. Personally, I love the sour berries, and these bushes were no disappointment, but trust me when i tell you that the sweet berries were FOOD OF THE WHATEVER YOU BELIEVES IN. We plucked until our purple stained fingers could picked no more (about 15 minutes..ha) but we couldn’t fit any more of these berries into our bellies or any container we had.

You know how cartoon food always looks better than real life (see ninja turtles pizza or any cartoon apple) ? Well, these gems tasted better than any cartoon food I have seen - if that makes sense.

This small reminder of the “simpler life” was enough to rejuvenate my spirits.

Want some?


High Line NYC June 27, 2011


Remember the Summer of Uncomfortable?

Humans may view the four seasons as simple intervals of time where the weather and clothing styles change. Well if you haven’t noticed, our group of friends looks at each season as an opportunity to challenge ourselves with some ridiculous tests and adventures.  These tasks are all opportunities to make changes and have a ton of fun. Let’s step outside of our comfort zone, please.

This past summer was an amazing journey of moving into new apartments, eating strange foods (including bees), trying new recipes, exercise, friendship, kraken, getting lost and doing a lot of things that are just… well.. f’ing uncomfortable. Meet: The Summer of Uncomfortable. One of our greatest failblogs/achievements was our adventure to Wilmington, Delaware. Instead of going out to the Bars in Newark, we headed out for a fantastic night on the town up in Trolley Square. Picture how glorious this is going to be. New places, new people, new adventures; sold, count me in.

The first problem began with Drew. He never made it out because he did not wake up from his nap. Drew is necessary to having a good time because he is willing to get wasted and walk 6-7 miles to get home. In fact he did this 2 nights ago (walked from ray street to almost Maryland.) The bars in Wilmington were crowded and everyone at the bars were pretty much the same as the people in Newark, except they hate themselves. BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN WILMINGTON. WHAT!  I stole that from somebody, it was probably Allie. She’s funny. Or Avi, he’s Turkish.

Ultimately, the Wilmington bar scene was not so fun and we ended up going home early and falling asleep. Uncomfortable: total failblog. Wilmington equals failblog.

Out of the Summer of Uncomfortable, Gorden was birthed (A sloppy, messy, placenta rich in nutrients birth.) The above story was definitely a round-about way of saying that we are awesome and grew our own Horseradish in our garden. WHAT, you grew your own horseradish and you went out to the bars in Wilmington. I must spend more time with you and your friends Flounder.


I agree.

After months of composting, watering, weeding and keeping Gorden (the Garden) healthy, the horseradish was ready to be harvested. The Summer of Uncomfortable was over by now, and we were well on our journey through the Autumn of Knowledge. We harvested the root and used the food processor to make our very own fresh horseradish.


The intact horseradish root has hardly any aroma. When cut or grated, however, enzymes from the damaged plant cells break down sinigrin (a glucosinolate) to produce allyl isothiocyanate (mustard oil), which irritates the sinuses and eyes.

This is an understatement.

Avi and I actual cried for 1 hour straight. This “mustard gas” was absolutely ridiculous. Literal death to our eyes.

So Flounder, how was the horseradish not a failblog? Great question. The success was found when we mixed the root with vinegar, sugar and salt. Thus creating our very own horseradish adventure preserved in mason jars. Come check out one of our fridges and you can have a taste. On a scale of 1 to amazing, we are pretty cool.

Moral of the story: try new things: like pregnancy.