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We NEED an Apartment!!!!

Dear Brooklyn - 

Hi. We want to be in you. 

Don’t read into that too deeply - we just want you to know how much we enjoy being in your presence and now we would like to make it a full time thing. 

My name is Joey and my amigo, Chris, goes by the alias, Flounder. 

The giant fish and I have been friends for a decade, going back to our first encounter during our time at the University of Delaware. It was here that we reveled in our shared love for jugs of wine and backyard fires, home cooked meals, spontaneous parties, miscellaneous adventures, road trips and camping. 

Since then we have grown to work together on numerous creative projects, and found we have ended up in the NYC area. I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer who now does consistent photography and video work in and around the city. Flounder is a bad-ass video editor who also works in production for commercials. He is also an amazing chef and loves to cook for others. I’m jus say’n.

The two of us are social creatures and enjoy expanding our friend network and meeting as many new people as possible, so we do like to entertain and have some fun get togethers when not working our asses off.

We are looking for a place to live that has an abundance of natural light, high ceilings, and space enough to spread our arms without hitting the walls. Loft space or live/work space has fit our needs in the past, and so we’re hoping to find something similar this time around.

November 1st would be an ideal move date for us, but we are slightly flexible. We are trying to keep our rent around $1200 per person.

If you think you and your apartment would benefit from the addition of two hard working, stand-up gentlemen with a passion for all things new, creative and fun… you are in luck!

There is a town about 2 miles that way. . …

But seriously. Dumb and Dumber references aside, we would love to meet with you and see if we could be your new roommates. 

And if you are not looking for roommates but have some apartments that might fit what we need, that would be great too. 

Drop us a line at


Hope to hear from you soon.

-Joey and Flounder 


Today is for reading and tea and friendship.

Who wants in?


After a series of failed adventures for Amanda and Flounder, they are forced to end their evening with Margaritas.

Join them!


It her Birthday.

Let us celebrate.


University of Delaware Deltones to perform on NBC’s the Sing-Off Season 3.

I am beyond Proud. Go Hens!


listen here

Slam Tuesday - Week 5

(Technically it’s the first week I was able to participate)
Summer of Bravery: Here I come.

Prompt: Lost in Outer Space

I will send.
I will wait.

Digital matter manifesting itself from my hands,
flowing to that mechanical prisoner you locked away in your pocket.

Oh, I am unsettled.

Phantom vibrations on my leg.
Where is that earth-shattering rhythm of acknowledgement?
Where is your response?

I’ve impregnated the atmosphere with my thoughts,
and you have chosen not to respond.


It’s ok.

I will decide that the piece of myself I sent to you has been absorbed by a dying star,
lost in the darkness that surrounds our tiny world.

A piece of me lost forever - and I am comforted.
Because I choose lost and will not wait any longer.

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    RIGHT NOW - Album Listening Party
    90 Plays

Here’s a LIVE clip on ‘Constantly’ from the Official NATE HALL Listening Party!

Shout out to Avi, Adam, Bam, & Vince (and of course Bsteady & D. Rich on the vox)!

I’ve got the best band in the world… FOR REAL!

Special thanks to Greg & Dave for amazing sound that night.

Make sure to go to to listen to the entire ‘SOMETHING MORE’ EP before you buy it!  ONLY $3.99!!!


Check out for more awesomeness….

I love this… I had the best time that weekend.


Just a little Mustache Rag amongst friends.


Many the Miles - Orig Perf by Sara Bareilles

Morgan Nichols from the University of Delaware Deltones


It’s time for your daily dose of Deltones! This time we are traveling to the 2008 Spring Concert.

I know I have posted this before, but Beth really makes my heart flutter each time I hear this song. Beth successfully translated a song most would never touch and at the same time communicated her own intensity and love during this performance. This was her senior song and would be her last solo performance with The Deltones. The story she told on stage was beautiful and she successfully evoked  a rather large emotional response from most of the audience. Beth’s vocals, Avi’s arrangement and the Deltones background truly married to form one of the best a cappella songs I have heard. Please enjoy Jeff Buckley’s Last Goodbye with Soloist Beth Cohn.

I freaking love you, Flounder. This song has always meant so much to me since the first time I heard it and I’m so glad that all the things I feel about it are evident in my performance. Seriously, intense.

P.S. Note the newest comment: “è la donna della mia vita..” The woman of his LIFE. WHAT. International fan, hell yeah!


Hope for me Yet orig performed by Marc Broussard

AJ Melendez University of Delaware Deltones


My boy A Jeezy Fresh (AJ Melendez) is auditioning in front of the judges for American Idol this season.


1) He’s fucking amazing.

2) “Some people like music, AJ Melendez loves music.”


Abbey Road Beatles Medley Amanda Catrini

Golden Slumbers

Carry that Weight

The End

University of Delaware Deltones


20 years of friendship all wrapped up into one film!

Next Spring, The Deltones Coed A Cappella group will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary! I will be making a documentary that covers the 20 year history of this extremely talented and everchanging group. With your help, we can make this the best film possible. I am looking for as many stories, videos, audio clips, and pictures to help tell their story.
If you are a friend, fan, family member, significant other, roommate etc and would like to participate, please email me at

I am open to ALL suggestions, ideas and thoughts on this project!
I am really excited to share just how special each and everyone in this group is.

Here is a quick taste of what’s to come!