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Come celebrate the Harvest Season with us at IDAHO BASE CAMP.

What I would do for a whole-wheat everything bagel, toasted, w/ veggie cream cheese, some sweet and crunchy cucumber slices, red peppers and red onion can not be said in public.

Lentejas Dos Veces

You should try this.
I wrote this recipe for Idaho BaseCamp and people can’t get enough of it! For example, comedian extraordinaire Allie Myers loved it so much that she appropriately named it Lentejas Dos Veces because science. 
2 cans coconut milk
1 cup water
1cup red lentils
1 cup green lentils
1 small butternut squash or half a med sized one
1 med onion or half a large onion
4 cloves garlic
1/2 bunch kale
1 tbsp garam masala
1 tbsp tumeric
1 tbsp coriander
2 tbsp curry powder
red pepper flake
1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil
s & p to taste
The Skills

Here we go guys! Rinse and sort your lentils (i’m not tryna eat any pebbles) To a large pot add 2 cans of coconut milk, water, curry powder, coriander, tumeric, garam masala, both types of lentils and some salt. Let simmer. 

Meanwhile, take your sweet butternut squash and de-seed (Save them for a roasted snack!) and remove the skin. Cube it up! Dice up your onion, mince your garlic, and cut your kale into bite sized pieces.

Melt down some delicious coconut oil in a new pan and brown up your butternut squash. Once it has browned add your red pepper flake and onions. Stir till the onions are translucent. Add salt and pepper AND your kale. Let it wilt down (you can add some liquid from the other pot if you need help wilting the kale). Once wilted add garlic, cook for another minute and then add everything to the large pot. Simmer for an hour or more adding water if necessary. Salt and pepper to taste. More curry powder if necessary. Simmer till thick. 
I always wait to eat the next day. Soups and stews in my opinion are just better the second day. 


Had the honor of directing and editing Amanda Catrini’s latest episode of Chef Girl Rocker. You should check it out. She tells a tale of two bread puddings and then frolics in the woods as she covers David Bowie’s Wild is the Wind - you may learn something.

Episode 5 - A Tale of Two Bread Puddings


Corn this time! I am having too much fun making these. #idaho #basecamp # organic #food #festival #harvesr #fall


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Eating bugs. NBD #bugs #insects #food #culinary


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To all the rocker fans out there - only have a few minutes and want to watch Helter Skelter?

Wish granted!

Amanda Catrini - The Chef Girl Rocker performs The Beatles: Helter Skelter from her pilot episode.

Helter Skelter written by: Lennon/McCartney

For more information on Chef Girl Rocker check out or

Episode 2 premieres November 15th 2012


Take a gander at Number One Friend Production’s latest project: Chef Girl Rocker.

Chef Amanda Catrini is about to take you on a tasty journey filled with delectable recipes, incredible stories and ROCK-N-ROLL.

So grab a bev and a snack and be prepared to have your palate ROCKED!

Series Premiere October 15th only at


I am very proud to be a member of this team! AND I cannot wait for MONDAY!

Tapa Wapa
Tapas bars are quite the popular date-night/girls-night destination these days. A dimly lit, romantic atmosphere with a plethora of classy snacks and fancy booze to choose from. However, the aforementioned snacks and booze can get a little pricey when you have a big appetite (or a high tolerance.) Chef Girl Rocker concepto nuevo: recreate some Spanish-influenced fun in the comfort of your own apartment!!
Light a couple candles, download some sexy muzak, and create a delectable spread with the help of your local grocer. 
In this picture (taken by my favorite food photographer, Andrea Patton), I laid out some typical tapas munchies… thinly sliced serrano ham, aged manchego cheese, crusty baguette, roasted almonds, and an assortment of colorful, briny olives. 
And to imbibe in? Homemade sangria of course! 

Chef Girl Rocker’s Easiest Sangria Recipe on the Planet Earth

- 1 bottle dry red wine (I chose a supremely low-priced yet perfectly palatable merlot)
- 1 Liter Ginger Ale (Yup. The kind you drink when you have a tummy-ache.) 
- Orange Slices
- Apple Slices
- Blackberries
- Ice
Combine. Stir. Drink. Repeat as needed. 

Feastival HAS BEGUN!! #idaho #organic #food #sunvalley #trailcreek (Taken with Instagram)


Ida-home for the next few weeks. Heading up to Basecamp to prep for FEASTIVAL. #organic #food #mountains #idaho (Taken with Instagram)

Feastival 2012

Just finished the Feastival 2012 Poster!

Mega excited to end the “Summer of Sacrifice” with a month-long vacation in Idaho. Wanna go?


Blueberry Harvest

I’m slowly finding that the hardest part of living in NYC is not having access to my own personal garden to take care of at the end of each day. I can deal with Times Square tourists. I can deal with the garbage smell. I can even deal with the stuffy subways, but I really miss my backyard garden in Delaware. I have been nomadic for so long that I am sure my own house plants don’t even recognize me anymore. This is sad. I need a permanent home.

Luckily, a few weekends ago, Joey and I took a quick trip to his parents house and began the BLUEBERRY HARVEST! These swollen sapphires were BURSTING with flavor and the bushes seemed to have an endless supply of treasure. Personally, I love the sour berries, and these bushes were no disappointment, but trust me when i tell you that the sweet berries were FOOD OF THE WHATEVER YOU BELIEVES IN. We plucked until our purple stained fingers could picked no more (about 15 minutes..ha) but we couldn’t fit any more of these berries into our bellies or any container we had.

You know how cartoon food always looks better than real life (see ninja turtles pizza or any cartoon apple) ? Well, these gems tasted better than any cartoon food I have seen - if that makes sense.

This small reminder of the “simpler life” was enough to rejuvenate my spirits.

Want some?