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Summer of Bravery

Fall or fly - now is the time to find out.

Let’s kick those fears to the curb and develop our confidence in all aspects of our lives.

Step one: Poetry: Join AviAllie, Nate, Hilary, Dave, Amy  and friends each tuesday as we give ourselves 15 minutes to write a poem based on a given prompt. No experience needed, just bravery. See examples here and here.

Step two: Karaoke: A fear that makes no sense but exists. 

Step three: Join an online english class.

Step four: Learn how to read like a writer with Hilary.

I mean, what I think is key for us to do with this project is to practice reading in a way that allows us to connect the words to our own life or our current society.  That is the crucial link (the best professors i ever had made this evident).  I think what I crave, and you can correct me if this isn’t necessarily your thought, is the ability to read a text and then go in-depth with others (others with whom I enjoy having conversation) but in an intelligent way almost as if it were a natural means of conversing! I want it to just become second nature." - Hilary

An english education starting at age 29: anything is possible. We are reading Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton in our first discussion. We meet online each sunday to discuss, analyze and develop our literary skills. JOIN!

Step five: Kick my “Fear of missing out”. 

Step six: connect with new people and re-enforce old relationships.

Step seven: Learn new music, but focus on the lyrics. First album : Adele 21.

Step eight: Make a video reel.

Step nine: 365 day creativity project

Step ten: Take more photos and edit them.

Step eleven: Perform a song in public: not karaoke. (AVI I NEED YOUR PIANO SKILLS, I will pick a song)

This list goes on and on and on. Please join us. Do you have any fears or goals you would like to achieve this summer? Do you have any recommendations for books I should read? Does anyone have any albums that they can recommend for an open mind?


The more I watch these TED talks, the more I find myself breathing a little bit easier.

With the help of my friends and the balls to quit my banking job, I find myself staring opportunity right in the face. I’m looking through a doorway where golden light beams are warming my body, the wind is gently blowing all around me, and the sense of freedom flourishes with every idea that enters my head. The door is flung wide open. OK, so maybe that is a little over the top, but, IT FEELS GOOD.


I have been waiting for this. I have been empowered with gifts of technology and the support of others to make whatever is about to happen… happen.


Is it self doubt? Pressure?

Who knows, but after watching this TED talk, i feel good knowing that EVERYONE (even those that have success) feel pressure. I connected with this video. I’m back on track today.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat. Pray. Love. talks to the fear of not being able to “out do” her recent success with Eat. Pray. Love. With her next highly anticipated novel about to hit shelves, Gilbert delves into the idea that genius is a part of people. That we can catch a glimpse of it and ride it to success. The idea that a person IS a genius (instead of having genius) can inflate the ego and cause an immense amount of pressure that can lead to depression or worse.

What fascinates me the most about this talk is the idea that when she began her career, she swam in the doubt and fear of not being successful. And now that she has become a world renowned author, others are making her question if she can continue. 

Watch this video. She offers a very unique view on how creativity is nurtured in humans. 




Everyone has heard of mindmapping but are you doing it in the best possible way – the way that suits you best? The key to perfecting mind-mapping is creating your own personal style.

  • Do you use keywords? Images? Both?
  • Do you use a variety of colours?
  • Do…


Green Parrot in colored pencil.

First Showing: Festival of the Arts 1998, Cornwall NY



Nala from the Lion King in Colored Pencil.

Gotta love the old sketchbook.


I am very excited to see this. This film looks to be a huge hit across all creative communities.

thanks to a awholelottasomethin for sharing!


Influencers: How Trends & Creativity Become Contagious