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We are halfway through summer and the first of many projects that I have been involved with JUST RELEASED! I had the privilege of witnessing the creation of NYC based singer/songwriter Jessica Carvo's first EP Projection. You probably recognize her as the face of The University of Delaware Deltones during Season 3 of NBC’s The Singoff as well as a member of the Italian American Quintet Bell’Aria.

Jess has given us a glimpse into the process of making Projection and very graciously allowed me (with the help of videographer’s Asha Glorioso and Joey Cardella) to edit her journey as she prepared for the release of her new EP.

I am very proud of Jess and look forward to hearing more from her as the summer goes on. 

Jessica’s EP: Projection was released on itunes today!

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A Cappella CD Needed

To all those a cappella fans out there - I am looking for a new album to become obsessed with. It can be collegiate, semi-pro, pro, or highschool - the sky is the limit.

I’ve been jamming to NYU N’Harmonics, JMU Bluestones, Tufts Amalgamates, Upenn Off The Beat, BC Acoustics, Penn Masala, The Scattertones and the Backbeats. Let’s broaden my a cappella horizons.

Who has suggestions?


Filming for NYC singer/songwriter Jessica Carvo’s EPK.

Beautiful day, beautiful music.


The Muppets - Smells like Teen Spirit



Be sure to see NBC’s The Sing Off’s JESSICA CARVO tonight (2.23.12) at NYC’s The Bitter End. The show starts at 9:30pm and will leave you feeling every emotion in the book - whether you reveal it on your face or not. 

"We’re really putting it ALL out there for you with an hour long full band set, filled with originals, ballads, a whole lotta dance,  pop and our renditions of 2011’s best."

- Jessica Carvo

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Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and then stop on by The Bitter End. We are looking forward to seeing you.


2011 Extended Video Reel

Christopher A. Peters - editor/graphic designer

* Higher Ground - - Editor

* Deltones: The Documentary - - Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor

*Project Unify - - Videographer - Editor

*Higher Ground (HG) is a nationally recognized veteran rehabilitation program that combines sports, family and coping therapies to restore and rehabilitate men and women of the armed forces who have been severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

*The University of Delaware Deltones was founded in 1991 by a group of five University of Delaware students affectionately known as “the origitones.” The group members pride themselves on their smooth tunes and their motto - friends first, singers second - a motto they have lived by for 20 years. They focus their energy towards singing on campus and in the Delaware community, as it is important for them to give back to those who support them. The group consists of five current UD students, seven recent graduates and three recent “alumnitones.”

*Special Olympics Project UNIFY is a national project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of Project UNIFY is to activate youth around the country in an effort to develop school communities where all young people are agents of change — fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities by utilizing the programs and initiatives of Special Olympics.



Thank you EVERYONE for all of the support you’ve given to me and to the Deltones these past few weeks for “The Sing-Off.” We had an incredible time on the show and despite its competitive nature, we made a lot of unforgettable friends and learned many, oh sooo many lessons.

Though I’m back…


My collegiate a cappella group on the Sing-Off. Oh hello friends on TV!


You Can’t Hurry Love - Diana Ross & The Supremes (As performed by the Deltones on The Sing-Off!)

Arranged by Avi Amon

Way to go, Jess! This was such a fun episode.  I remember it being a really stressful week while filming (which was, of course, over-dramatized on TV), BUT I think the two-song challenge was great. 

Also.  Shawn Stockman said my name.


Sing-Off Preview!!!

Get ready for the Deltones’ TV premiere on September 26th on NBC!  Also - if you are still a student and are tracking the right tags on tumblr, audition for them!!


University of Delaware Deltones to perform on NBC’s the Sing-Off Season 3.

I am beyond Proud. Go Hens!


listen here



Oh hello, The Deltones.

You are my best friends and you are on TV. 

I used to be inside of you.

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    Pet the Panda
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University of Delaware Deltones : City as performed by Sara Bareilles.
From the album Pet the Panda 

Soloist: Cortney Penta
Arranged by: Keith Abarahamson (

Keith recorded and mixed this entire CD in his own bedroom and has successfuly produced the best Deltones CD yet. His skills are immeasurable and we are all grateful for his hard work. I am particularly proud of the great sound that the group continues to get without conforming to the severely over-produced sound that most groups are leaning toward these days. You can tell that people are singing on this track and not a robotic auto-tuned choir.

Plus Cortney’s voice just kills me every time. She sings this song as if she wrote the lyrics herself. I think it is rare to find a performer that can sing with such style, inflection and conviction.  She tells a powerful story when she sings this song - can we say goosebumps - and I could listen to this track on repeat for days. 

Congrats Deltones. DFTG


I have the honor of spending the 4th of July in my hometown: Cornwall NY. This small town ALWAYS has the best fireworks - Any one who has lived here can attest to this. 

Check out the University of Delaware Deltones : Feels Like Home as performed by Jess Carvo, directed by Keith Abrahamson and arranged by Avi Amon.

It makes sense.

Deltones A Cappella on film

This is the full length movie that I just finished. A 20 year anniversary documentary about the coed a cappella group: The Deltones at the University of Delaware.


Deltones the Documentary

Chapter 7: The Question

2 weeks ago the Deltones - a coed A cappella Group at the University of Delaware - celebrated their 20 year anniversary with a concert to top all concerts!

I had the opportunity to premier my very first full length documentary about the group in one of the theaters on campus. This was the culmination of all my work over the past year and I couldn’t be happier with the result. This was my baby, and now it has been released upon the world.

Sitting in a theater - plush seats just comfortable enough underneath you, the anticipation of the movie as you sit through the previews, the excitement when the title flashes across the screen - This is all mine. I made this.

Watching your own movie in a theater with a large crowd and hearing everyone laugh and cry may be the most surreal feeling a person can experience. When the film ended, I was nothing but smiles. The film was a huge success.

Thanks to the Deltones for a lifetime of memories and friendships.