The Plaid Shoes Adventures
Goldbug HotSprings, Idaho


The moon’s glow melted into the horizon as the sun painted the sky with rosehips and calendula. Autumn’s harvest.

I wiped the frost from my brow and laughed at the frozen clothes still clinging to the picnic bench from last night’s adventure in the Challis Hot Springs. We shook the cold from our bones and defrosted our thoughts with the hopes of cowboy coffee as we packed our cottonwood smoke-filled sleeping bags into the oversized – but comfortable - truck. Our 8 mm memories of sleeping under the diamond sea of the Idaho night replaying to the soundtrack of the breaking dawn guided us through the mountains to the trailhead of Goldbug Hot Springs.

A lemon sage scented day hike warmed our bodies as the sun gently laid its blanket over the crisp morning.  Mesmerized by the game trails blazing their way through the strata of the ancient wild sagebrush, we entered the craggy canyon with dreams of the hot soaks and lush undergrowth at the end of our uphill battle. We challenged the ever shifting shards of rock biting our feet - the final stone dragons protecting the treasure at the top of the slope. 

Out of breathe, but filled with spirit, we reached our green oasis. Clad only in our birthday suits and plaid shoes, we reveled in the hot waterfalls and steamy soaks of the tumbling geothermal stream - nourishing our minds and bodies in that single repleting moment of peace. 

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